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Digicel Flipbook 6 Serial Code

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Digicel Flipbook 6 Serial Code

I bought Digicel Flipbook 6 and I've got the serial code to activate it. Here is a list of features: -Lightsaber and droid animation studio -Super cool photo effects and stickers (free!) -Videos with sound or no sound, flip book with or without sounds -Flipbook maker to make your own custom flipbooks -Animation studio to make your own animations using drawings, maps, photos etc. -Advanced digital camera with zoom and autofocus -Voice recorder and an MP3 player -Full Google Maps integration – you can even view satellite images and street views! -WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth to connect to Digicel flipbook only) -Web browser, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail etc. integrated.
I'm now giving away my serial code for free! All you have to do is tell me why you deserve it the most. Want me to give u mine? Now answer this question: Whats the coolest way to use this tablet? Tell me in 10 words or less via email: Stand a chance to win this tablet! Digicel Flipbook 6 is a very powerful multi-media tablet featuring high quality video, music, movies, games & applications. It has more features than any other Android device! With Digicel Flipbook you can capture anything on your phone or tablet and share it on YouTube, Facebook or through mail, SMS or even with GPS tracking. There is no way that you will not like this cool gadget. You can do all these things without internet connection too! So you don't need to wait for WiFi to be available before sharing your favourite stuff. It has a 3.2MP camera with autofocus, flash and digital zoom. The battery life is really outstanding! You won’t have to charge it every day. It also allows you to take pictures remotely using the 2 cameras in the front and back of your Flipbook 6. You can create flipbooks by adding audio, video or even by taking pictures with the Flipbook maker! The only limit is your imagination! You can watch videos on YouTube, Travel Channel or watch any movie that you can find online! It has an easy to use web browser that opens fast wherever there is WIFI! Now you no longer have to wait for WiFi hotspots to open in your area. You can easily stay connected with anyone in your area or abroad with Digicel Flipbook 6! It has Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail etc. integrated right into the device. You can also share your favourite videos on Facebook or YouTube. You will be the one to create the next viral video! There are tons of free games and applications available for download on the Google Play Store! Games like Angry Birds got even better on your phone due to its responsive touch screen and Google Play’s platform allowing you to download high quality games! You can also enjoy cool applications that do useful things for you like managing your finances or discovering new music that you might like.



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